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"Adult Education" and "Lifelong Learning"- Motivational Activities for South Region

13.11.2013   1219 Views  

The South Regional Development Agency in collaboration with the regional center CONTACT-Cahul organized a training workshop with the theme "Inter Institutional Cooperation to Enhance the Opportunities for Non-Formal Adult Education in the South Region". The work has been carried out within the project "CONTACT-Cahul-Promoting a Culture of Life Long Learning ".

The workshop was attended by representatives of NGOs, teachers, psychologists, social workers, employment specialists from Cimișlia and Basarabeasca, and specialists of the South RDA.

The activity was aimed at facilitating access for adults from the southern region to educational services, based on real learning needs. In this context, the participants practiced exercises that were useful and motivating. These practical activities generated debate, which expressed interest in the addressed topics. The Meeting's agenda and activities related to the elaboration of a plan of action for strengthening the region's adult education (AE), based on inter institutional communication.

In the end, participants came up with ideas for future educational projects for adults, impressions like:

Alexandru Ciobanu, NGO "Youth for youth"-"at this time presented examples of communities where they already have implemented projects for adult education. They have tighter cooperation between local NGOs in the South region.

 "Natalia Răileanu, NGO "Pro Cimișlia" -" Also, long ago expected the organization of such a workshop. In the District of Cimișlia and in the region such activities were not organized, so this makes our mobilization more active. Civil society has no need of such activities. I think that the NGOs concerned, jointly with LPAs, can make life more interesting for adults ".

Maria Chelea, AOFM Cimișlia - "It was an interesting seminar, I picked up a lot of useful information. I had the pleasure to participate. "