Announcement regarding the relaunch of the Pre-qualification procedures of the Contract No.2 Cahul Wastewater Treatment Plant

Country:                                           Republic of Moldova

 Ref-Nr:                                              45232420-2

 KfW Procurement No.:                   506 859

 Project Executing Agency (PEA): Municipality of Cahul (PEA 1) and

South Regional Development Agency (PEA 2),

The Municipality of Cahul, through the Government of the Republic of Moldova has received financing from the German Federal Government through KfW Entwicklungsbank (KfW) towards the improvement of water supply and sanitation infrastructure in the District of Cahul. Part of the proceeds shall be used towards payment of the contract for design and construction of the new wastewater treatment plant Cahul.

The Municipality of Cahul intends to prequalify contractors for Works Contract No: 45232420-2 for the design and construction of the new wastewater treatment plant Cahul, comprising among others the following works:

  • Mechanical Wastewater Treatment, itself comprising:

-       Interception chamber,

-       Fine screens,

-       Faecal receiving station,

-       Odour control,

-       Grit and grease removal,

-       Flow measurement,

-       Primary clarifier.

  • Biological Wastewater Treatment, itself comprising:

-       Intermediate pumping station,

-       Organic carbon removal,

-       Final clarifier,

-       Sludge pumping station,

-       Effluent sewer with control manhole and outlet structure (about 4.5 km long along sections with partially high groundwater level, crossing of existing railway line, crossing of existing flood protection dam, crossing of old river channel).

  • Sludge treatment including stabilization, thickening and dewatering;
  • Auxiliary systems and infrastructure such as administrative building with laboratory, MV/LV distribution, garages and workshop, screen house, sludge treatment building, connection to public infrastructure, etc.;
  • SCADA system for the entire wastewater system Cahul;
  • Training, taking into operation.

Prequalification will be conducted through the procedures as specified in the prequalification document and is open to all eligible Applicants as defined in the KfW Guidelines for Procurement (, version January 2019.

Works will be tendered in accordance with KfW Standard Procurement Documents. The works contract will follow the regulations of FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build (Design by the Contractor - Yellow Book).

Interested eligible Applicants may obtain further information and a complete set of prequalification documents in English language, free of charge, upon submission of a written application by e-mail to the following address: 

All e-mails must be copied to: 

Applications for prequalification should be submitted in clearly marked envelopes and delivered to the address below by 12:00 h Moldovan time (UTC +2:00 h) on 12 May 2021. Late applications will be rejected.

Municipality of Cahul

Attention: Mr. Nicolae Dandis

Piata Independentei 6

3909, or. Cahul           

Republic of Moldova

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