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Welcome to the official website of the South Regional Development Agency!


www.adrsud.md  web page is the leading online source through which you can quickly and truthfully access the information about everything happening in the South of the Republic of Moldova.

The South Regional Development Agency (South RDA) is a public noncommercial institution with financial autonomy, subordinated to the  Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Moldova, which contributes to the sustainable and equitable development of the Southern Region.

To achieve the objectives of the national economic and social development, it is necessary to develop dynamica and competitivle regions. That is why the South RDA aims to be a generator of economic and social development of the Southern Region. To this end, the Agency develops strategies, attracts foreign investment, identifies and implements financing programs and offers services to stimulate sustainable economic growth, partnership and entrepreneurship.

Regional development projects implemented by the South RDA  in the Southern Region are meant to contribute to a balanced development of communities and to bring benefits to all citizens, whilst ensuring socio-economic development of the South Region, based on  European rules and standards.

On our website is meant to inform you about  the South RDA daily activity and the latest news from the fields of economy, tourism, culture and events held in the Southern Region. There are so many nice things to date, but the most ambitious plans are included in our agenda for the future.

We encourage you to discover and fully capitalize, through regional development projects, all the advantages and development prospects of the region! In our turn, we would like to thank you for your interest in the work of the South RDA. We are open to collaborate with all actors involved in regional development and provide the necessary support in attracting investment and community development.


Maria Culeşov,

Director of the South RDA