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With the support of the European Union, more than 290 students and teachers from the “Matei Basarab” Theoretical Lyceum in Basarabeasca benefit from improved study conditions

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On Friday, 24 November 2023, the inauguration of the European Union-funded project on increasing energy efficiency at the "Matei Basarab" Theoretical Lyceum took place in Basarabeasca. The event was attended by the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, the Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, the representative of the German Embassy in the Republic of Moldova, the management of the Regional Development Agency (RDA) South, GIZ Moldova, local public authorities, representatives of the construction company, residents of Basarabeasca and representatives of civil society, as well as students and teachers of the Lyceum.

Andrei Spinu, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development: "A good school is a safe, modern school where children feel comfortable. And that's what we saw here today, at the "Matei Basarab" Theoretical Lyceum. Thanks to the support of the EU and the German Government, this Lyceum has been supplied with renewable energy through the installation of 35 photovoltaic panels, the school building and its grounds have been illuminated, and an access path for disabled people has been built. The 266 pupils, 18 teachers and 14 auxiliary workers are now working in a comfortable and inclusive environment under European educational conditions."

Jānis Mažeiks, Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova: "The energy efficiency upgrade of the "Matei Basarab" Lyceum building is an outstanding example of sustainability and responsibility towards the climate and the environment by reducing its carbon footprint. We are delighted that through joint efforts we have created better study and working conditions for the pupils, teachers and technical staff who learn and work here. The modernisation works of the Basarabeasca Lyceum, such as the installation of solar panels, better heating and ventilation systems, improved insulation, replacement of windows and renovation of the roof, will reduce energy consumption by more than 50% annually, thus saving funds which can be reinvested in other Lyceum development projects. Furthermore, energy efficiency contributes positively to Moldova's path towards alignment with EU standards on environmental protection and climate change prevention, especially in the context of the European Commission's positive opinion on the start of accession negotiations with the European Union." 

Steffen Lohmann, Head of Development Cooperation, German Embassy: "Improving energy efficiency of buildings and greening the energy production have rightly been identified as top priorities of the current Moldovan Government. Germany has recently increased its assistance to Moldova in these key areas of our Development Cooperation and is committed to remain a strong partner to promote Moldova's energy transition and further integration into the European Union in the future. In Basarabeasca, we are glad to have joined forces with the EU to contribute to a more efficient use of energy, renewable energy generation, and ultimately also to a better learning environment for the students, teachers, and staff at the Theoretical Lyceum".

Nicolae Hristov, director, South RDA"It is with great joy that today we mark the inauguration of the "Matei Basarab" Theoretical Lyceum in the town of Basarabeasca, renovated with the generous financial support provided by the European Union. Thanks to this consistent support, the inhabitants of Basarabeasca have access to quality educational services by increasing the energy efficiency of the Lyceum. In addition to this important project implemented in Basarabeasca, the European Union has funded three other projects in the Southern Development Region. At the same time, the portfolio of projects implemented by the South RDA in its almost thirteen years of activity includes sixteen projects. We thank our European partners for their support in the implementation of the proposed objectives. We thank the local authorities for their active involvement and financial contributions".

The "Matei Basarab" Theoretical Lyceum was renovated and improved its energy efficiency following the implementation of 15 investment measures. Thus, the building envelope (2.708 sq.m.) was thermally insulated and provided with renewable energy by installing 35 photovoltaic panels, the lyceum and its grounds were illuminated (9 poles and 32W lighting fixtures), the lyceum classrooms were provided with ventilation and fire protection systems and sanitary inventory. An access path for people with special needs was built, the institution's kitchen was modernized and supplied with technical equipment. These works were carried out in 2020-2021 by SRL "Polimer Gaz Conducte".

The total value of the "Improving the energy efficiency of the "Matei Basarab" Theoretical Lyceum in Basarabeasca" project is around 25.28 million lei, of which 25.08 million lei is European Union funding and 0.2 million lei - co-financing from the Basarabeasca Rayon Council. Following the implementation of the project, the annual normalized energy consumption at the Theoreticl Lyceum in Basarabeasca has been reduced by about 286 MWh and the annual normalized CO2 emissions - by about 62 tons. 

Background information:

The investment measure "Increasing energy efficiency of "Matei Basarab" Theoretical Lyceum" is funded by the European Union and implemented by the South Regional Development Agency under the "Construction of water supply and sanitation infrastructure as well as energy efficiency in public buildings" project. The project is funded by the European Union and implemented by the German Development Cooperation through GIZ (Moldova) in partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development. The total budget of the project is 39.8 million Euro.

For additional information, please contact:

Andrei Popusoi, Head of Division Integrated Project Management, South Regional Development Agency.
tel: +373 24184090; e-mail:

Elena Gurin, Director of "Matei Basarab" Theoretical Lyceum
tel: +373 69195676, e-mail:

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