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The French Development Agency (AFD) has identified RDA South as a potential project promoter

13.05.2021   2047 Views  

The Regional Development Agency South recently had an online meeting with representatives of the French Development Agency (AFD), who, following the exploratory mission held in the Republic of Moldova in March this year, identified RDA South as a potential project promoter.

Maria Culeșov, Director of RDA South, Irina Coroian, specialist in external cooperation and Andrei Popușoi, head of the integrated project management department, reported on the institution's vast experience in implementing regional development projects in the drinking water supply and sewage sector, as well as the portfolio of investment projects implemented by RDA South with the support of international financing institutions (European Union, German Government, KfW, etc.)

During the meeting, the parties also had discussions on the project proposals in the field of quality water supply and sewage submitted by RDA South to the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in the context of the Technical Cooperation Program for  Japan  Fiscal Year 2021, as well as the one applied within the Call on the List for Selection of priority regional development projects with funding from the National Fund for Regional Development.

The representative of AFD, Manguy Fabien, expressed his satisfaction for the quality discussion he had with the representatives of RDA South, noting that AFD and the French authorities, together with those from the Republic of Moldova, will decide in the near future on an intergovernmental agreement between the two countries, the result of which will be known at the end of this year.

We mention that AFD (French Development Agency) is an organization of the French Government that finances sustainable development projects in developing countries.