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Construction of the access road to the Chistoleni Monastery from Sadaclia village, Basarabeasca district will start next week

15.02.2019   577 Views  

On February 15, the contract for construction works of the access road to the Chistoleni Monastery in Sadaclia village, Basarabeasca district, was signed by the Director of the RDA South, Mrs Maria Culeşov, the Mayor of Sadaclia, Mr Vasile Baciu and the director of the «Acit- Trans" LLC, Mr Gheorghe Negură - the general contractor.

The contract value is 8 924 170.22 lei and the execution period of the works - seven months, the guarantee of the works being five years.

Due to the construction of 6 km road to Chistoleni Monastery, more than 30 000 citizens will have access to the shrine, of which about 29 000 citizens of the Basarabeasca district, others being from Cimislia, Leova districts, etc.

"Signing this contract is an important event for us. Especially, it is important for faithful people who, in order to reach the monastery, have to go on a difficult road both in summer, but especially during rain and winter, when this road becomes impassable, " said Mr Maria Culeşov. The director of the RDA South, also mentioned that the works will begin in just a few days.

The head of the RDA South pointed out that this year, for the implementation of this project, 6,613,205.43 MDL will be allocated from the National Fund for Regional Development.

On the same day, Mrs Maria Culeşov and Mr Gheorghe Negură had a visit to the monastery, and talked with the Father Filaret, priest at the Chistoleni Monastery. Together, they drove with difficulty 6 km of the plain road.

"The construction of the way is welcome. It will be great for Christians who, for years, come to pray, finding their peace of mind there. When it rains, the road is arduous. With the occasion of the rehabilitation and modernization of this road, I think that more people will come to the monastery" said Father Filaret.

The contractor, Mr Gheorghe Negura said that the works and all bringing the necessary equipment will begin on February 16. He also undertook to build this road long before the deadline set in the contract.

The modernization of the access road to Chistoleni Monastery will facilitate the access of the tourists to this local and national tourist attraction. It also will increase the tourist attractiveness of the area, contributing at including the aforementioned holy place in international tourism routes.

The Chistoleni Monastery is one of the oldest holy places in the South Region of the country. Located at 90 km from Chisinau and about 6 km from Sadaclia village, Basarabeasca district, the monastery was founded in 1932 by the Metropolitan of Basarabia, His Eminence Gurie (Grosu).

In 1942, because of the war, the monastery was turned into a prison for military detainees. After the war, political prisoners were brought here. Since 1950, on the monastery territory, a hospital has been functioning, and after its closure, the monastery's rooms were used by the local farm.

During this period, the monastery was destroyed to the ground, and a few farms have been built from what remained of it. In the spring of 1997, the monastery was reopened as a monastery of nuns, named "Chistoleni Monastery".