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The Regional Development Agency South Launched Trainings for Bakers and Patissiers

17.04.2018   535 Views  

On April 17, 2018, the Regional Development Agency (RDA) South, in partnership with Albino Irali, an Italian entrepreneur, and Green Projects LLC, launched the trainings in the field of bakery-pastry-preparation of flour products. These trainings are free of charge, based on master-classes and practical exercise, offered by a famous professor from Provincia di Novara, Italy. The objective of the project is to train persons in order to obtain high qualification for hiring at local and international companies. The trainings take place at the restaurant of the Consumer Cooperative from Cimișlia. 

About 20 people, including entrepreneurs from Cantemir, Cahul, Cimișlia came to the first general course to learn how to bake bread and other bakery products according to Italian recipe. Some of these persons have restaurants, mills, bakeries and are active in this field, others, young people wanting to start a business in this field, as well as pupils of the professional school from Cimișlia.

Mrs Maria Culeşov, the director of the RDA South, being present at the launching event, noted that trainings are part of the Non Solo Pane project, initiated and implemented in the Development Region South by the Italian entrepreneur Albino Irali and "Green Projects" LLC, in partnership with the RDA South.

According to Mrs Maria Culeşov, the representatives of Provincia di Novara, Italy, with whom the RDA South signed a Cooperation Agreement five years ago, came to transpose their intention to invest in human capital of our country and to provide support by organizing free trainings for economic operators who have already opened or intend to start bakery or/and pastry business.

"This project aims to increasing the economic competitiveness of the Development Region South by strengthening the entrepreneurial and professional capacities in the field of bakery and pastry", said the director of the RDA South.

Mr Claudio Li Calzi, the director of Green Projects LLC, said that the idea of implementing this project comes from an Italian entrepreneur, Albino Irali, a baker and owner of several shops and restaurants in his country. Approaching the retirement age, he thought it would be good to share the secret of making qualitative, tasty and healthy bread to other bakers or to youths who would like this speciality.

In order to increase the competitiveness of bread and pastry products on Moldovan market, making it a healthy and beneficial one, the Italian partners wanted to insure the support of the RDA South in creating a professional training and supporting active bakery and pastry entrepreneurs from the Development Region South.

 The Regional Development Agency South shared its openness to effective collaborate in this field and accepted the proposal of the Italian partners. In the following, the RDA South specialists assessed the needs of economic operators from this region and identified those who need and want to be trained.

 Thus, Mr Sergiu Cazacu, chef  at "Autoland" restaurant in Cimișlia, claimed that although he had previously worked in Italy and already has experience, he accepted to attend this course in order to "steal" from the secrets of this profession. He said, there is always room for being better, and no matter how good we are, it is not an obstacle to learn again and again. Sergiu aims to apply the knowledge here, at home, in the Republic of Moldova. "I want to apply in our country the Italian methodology in making bread, bakery and other products. I think this product will be affordable and bring a plus value for the national economy, "said the young chef from Cimișlia.

Mrs Ecaterina Adăscăliță from Cania village, Cantemir district, has committed itself to bear on its own some extra transport expenses, running daily for three weeks in Cimișlia. "Being entrepreneur and owning a mill and a bakery, I am interested in participating at these courses in order to increase my qualification, diversify products and their competitiveness. Today, the buyer need more and more not only tasty products, but also qualitative and healthy ones. That's why I found it appropriate not to miss this opportunity to learn new technologies and apply afterwards", said the entrepreneur.

At the launching event a Partnership Agreement between the RDA South and Green Projects LLC for implementation of the Non Solo Pane project was signed. Finally, the guests and the participants at the training had a visit to the laboratory of Italian professor Giovanni Meli where they had the opportunity to get acquainted with equipment.

Those present had a tasting of the Italian bakery products - pizza, focaccia, crostata and others, prepared according to Italian methodology from flour and other domestic products.