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LPAs from Cimișlia and Basarabeasca districts identify joint solutions to overcome the challenges in the field of Solid Waste Management

22.03.2018   7011 Views  

Regional Development Agency (RDA) South and the German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation (GIZ) have organized consultations regarding the problem of waste and the need to establish an efficient waste management in Cimișlia and Basarabeasca districts from the Development Region South.

The local public authorities of the I and II levels, specialists from the territorial subdivisions of the STATE ECOLOGICAL INSPECTORATE and sanitation public service providers from the nominated districts related the problems and challenges they face in the field of waste management. The GIZ experts and RDA South specialists have noted the expectations and technical support need which the LPA involves to overcome the problems of Solid Waste Management (SWM).

At the beginning of the event, Mrs Maria Culeşov, the director of the RDA South, highlighted the importance of the GIZ support given to the local public authorities to improve solid waste management.

"I consider that now is needed to strengthen the inter-community cooperation and apply the participatory approach in decision-making with the regard on the whole region. The problem of waste is one that can be found in the RDA South activity, taking into account the fact that ensuring access to quality public services and utilities is one of the specific objectives of the Regional Development Strategy South for 2016-2020 years. In the context of achieving this objective, the RDA South aims to develop, next years, Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems in the region, "said Mrs Maria Culeşov.

The GIZ consultant, Mr Denis Parea expressed the openness in providing the necessary support for the LPAs, so that in the Development Region South will be established an integrated solid waste management and a cleaner and healthier environment.

Then, Mrs Natalia Dubalari, the secretary of the Regional Sectorial Committees, has related that these ones were created by GIZ as measures of intervention within the "Modernization of Local Public Services" project. The secretary has also mentioned that a Regional Sectorial Committee in the field of Solid Waste Management was created for implementing environmental policies, solving the problem of waste and providing modern and qualitative sanitation services to population.

Mrs Tamara Guvir, GIZ expert in solid waste management, has made a comprehensive presentation, containing relevant and exhaustive data on the current state in the field of waste management in Cimișlia and Basarabeasca districts, as well as the steps to be taken to overcome the difficulties.

Among the most urgent problems in the waste field mentioned by Mrs Tamara Guvir, are: the insufficient storage space; lack of temporary deposits; lack of finance;  poor inter-municipal cooperation and insufficient coverage of services; as well as unsatisfactory informing of the population about the non-payment of waste tariffs and the impact on people's health of the waste which is not collected.

Based on the identified problems, the GIZ expert has also made some recommendations regarding the improvement of the state of the things in the field of Solid Waste Management. One of the optimal solutions at the moment, in her opinion, is the association of the LPAs from Cimișlia and Basarabeasca districts for the purpose of jointly managing the temporary deposits. According to the experts, this would make possible to reduce the existing landfill area from Cimișlia and Basarabeasca districts, including the disastrous ones, and to set up special deposit according to sanitary and epidemiological normative. At the same time, it will normally and inevitably lead to the regionalization of sanitation services and to efficient management of solid waste in localities from the nominated districts.