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New ways of development of the project MLPS discussed in the workshop

03.07.2015   766 Views  

On June 26, 2015, at Vadul lui Voda held the workshop "Development of the project portfolio."

Implemented within the Project Modernization of local public service, Intervention Area II: Regional Planning and Programming, the workshop the workshop aimed to inform all partners about preliminary results and challenges of development projects, further defining roles and sheet map for each actor involved in the process and discuss project portfolio and possible modalities of financing.

The workshop was attended by around 20 people - representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, Regional Development Agencies North, Centre and South, representatives of GIZ.

The workshop moderated by the three specialists - David Toft, Stela Corobceanu, Peter Veverița, had as main purpose the development path of projects, developing project portfolio: presenting the concept and preliminary results, reflecting of Regional Sector Programs in the main policy documents on regional development: the Regional Development Strategies and the Regional Operational Plans.

The workshop was held in an interactive manner based on moderated dialogue and debates. The session "Path project development, general principles" were discussed the following topics - the methodology and results of project development path, the database of the project portfolio, the criteria for consideration the next stage of development projects based on sustainable project designs.


Participating in the workshop, Tatiana Arama, Head of Strategic Planning and Programming Section RDA South, mentioned the importance of creating the database of the project portfolio and its placement on RDA's websites. Thus, all those who are interested, especially potential investors will be able to view the most important regional projects in the following areas - Water Supply and Sanitation, Solid Waste Management, Energy Efficiency and the Regional and Local Roads, developed within the sectorial and regional planning exercise and will decide on granting funding for implementation. It is also interesting the methodology for incorporating Regional Sectorial Programs the main regional level policies documents, Regional Development Strategy and Regional Operational Program.

During the workshop were discussed financing of the project portfolio, namely, introducing the notion of project portfolio within the platform of dialogue with donors.

Elaboration of project portfolio is part of 2nd Intervention Area: Regional Planning and Programming, part of Modernization of local public service Project whose purpose is Improved Local Public Services in selected villages and towns in the Republic of Moldova.