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European Union Interested in the activities of the South Development Region

17.03.2015   1497 Views  

At the beginning of the 2014 year, the South Regional Development Agency with the support of the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) initiated the participatory process in elaborating the Regional Sector Program (RSP) on infrastructure for regional and local roads in South Development Region (SDR).

Today, March 17  2015, representatives of the Ministry of  Regional Development and Construction (MRDC), European Union Delegation to Moldova, State Chancellery, as well as representatives of local authorities (LPAs) from RDS,  regional sectorial working group members, SA "Drumuri", GIZ experts and consultants, specialists from South Regional Development Agency (South RDA) met in public consultation session to discuss the document, that is to be approved by the South Regional Development Council in the ordinary meeting on  March 26th.

In the opening session of public consultation, South RDA director, Mrs. Maria Culeșov said "this event is very important for our region and is not the first of its kind. With the support of GIZ we have developed regional programs in the fields of Water Supply and Sanitation and Energy Efficiency and today we are here to improve the document related to regional and local road infrastructure. We are waiting to as many proposals and suggestions, and subsequently to obtain a qualitative document that will be presented during the South Regional Development Council meeting. The presence of the European Union, demonstrates that even our partners are interested in documents prepared by us and hope for a positive outcome to finance these documents" concluded Mrs. director.

Head of policy and regional cooperation department in the frame of MRDC, Mr. Dorin Andros, specified "this document was prepared for one year at which you have taken part. Our objective is to develop qualitative projects that will help achieve national objectives and targets. The goal for 2015 is to develop those viable concepts projects priority for all areas and that will lead directly to the development of the region "said the MRDC representative.

EU Delegation representative, Mr. Henno Putnik said "Local Public Service Modernization project is ongoing for several years, and the European Union (EU) associated to this project in 2013. I decided to attend this event because the part related to regional and local roads, is financed by the EU. I am glad to see so many stakeholders, which demonstrates the interest and involvement. I wish you fruitful discussions with good results for each community and municipality", said the EU representative.

South RDA specialist presented the draft Regional Sector Program for South Development Region, objectives and the structure, while GIZ experts presented the role of regional development programs, the provisions of the methodology and the corridors identified for the South Region.

Participants came up with proposals and suggestions aimed at improve the quality of the document. All proposals received during the event of public consultation as well as those collected by the Agency’s specialists, are to be placed in a table of differences and sent to the experts to be included in the final document.

We recall that public consultation is a standard procedure in development of planning documents and Regional Sector Program in regional and local road infrastructure presented, is to be approved during the South Regional Development Council meeting on March 26th.

We reiterate that these activities are taking place with the support of the European Union and the Government of Sweden.