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Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Cahul, supported through Intercommunity Cooperation

16.03.2015   1505 Views  

On March 13th 2015, in Cahul, was held a workshop in which was presented the action plan to the development of Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) public services in Cahul.

The workshop brought together representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction (MRDC), representatives of  LPAs of  Ist and IInd  level from  Cahul, the operator “Apa Canal” Cahul, GIZ experts and consultants (German International Cooperation Agency) and the South  Regional Development Agency specialist (South RDA).


Deputy Head of the General Directorate of Regional Development MRDC, Mr. Igor Malai, said that "attendance at the today's meeting confirms the need for LPAs capacity building to cooperate, because the field of WSS for the Cahul district residents is paramount, and only together we can solve the problems you face."

At the workshop, GIZ experts Liliana Lucaciu and Ion Beschieru, together with the participants, determined the action plan on the development of WSS public services in Cahul and the mechanisms for support in order to implement the action plan during the 2015, 2016 and 2017 years.


Participants were involved in discussions on the current situation in the WSS sector, what is the progress registered, what are the challenges and possible solutions and how the action plan responds to these needs.

The given workshop is starting a process to support the implementation of Regional Sector Program by facilitating the dialogue between local actors jointly responsible for providing qualitative WSS services provided in the Regional Sector Program for Water Supply and Sanitation for the South Development Region.

We recall that these activities are taking place with the support of the Romanian Government, within the MLPS project, the Swedish Government and the European Union.