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Discussions on Stefan Voda district hospital renovation

04.03.2015   1447 Views  

On March 3,2015,  in the district hospital Stefan Voda was held a working meeting, where were presented the preliminary version of the Viable Concept Project. The main objective of the meeting was to develop a comprehensive project to renovate thermal district hospital in order to substantially reduce annual energy consumption and operating costs.

The meeting was attended by working group members which include representatives of Stefan Voda district council, district hospital, GIZ (German International Cooperation Agency) experts and consultant and the Regional Development Agency South specialist. They established the activities that are to be undertaken and they also clarified some technical issues.

During the meeting, they discussed the existing situation on technical building:

• waterproofing layer of the roof is damaged;

• External walls (partially) are drenched;

• Indoor air quality is bad and many rooms are affected by the high humidity;

• Technical condition of windows is unsatisfactory;

• The institution has limited access to hot water.

For this project, GIZ experts have identified renovating measures that include renovation of all exterior walls with thermal insulation boards (mineral cotton wool) 12 cm; construction and installation of awnings; replacement of all windows / exterior doors; 1/2 block flat roof renovation (insulation thickness on average 16 to 18 cm thermal insulation of basement ceiling insulation plate 12 cm, installing a ventilation system (3 units centralized ventilation will be placed on the flat roof of the building 1) and a thermal substation with a capacity of 300 kW, installation of a sunscreen on the facade on SE and SW; construction of a stormwater management system (centralized sewer system connection).

We recall that these activities occur with the support of the Swedish Government and the European Union.