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New project ideas developed in the South Development Region

20.02.2015   1425 Views  

It was completed the training for local and regional actors within the 2nd Module of the project "Capacity building of LPA in the Republic of Moldova, the South Region", implemented by the South Regional Development Agency jointly with the Czech Development Agency. The 2nd Module of training was attended by over 100 representatives of LPA of Ist  and IInd level, entrepreneurs and NGOs from eight districts of the South Development Region(SDR). The aim of the module was to train LPAs in developing concept notes and prepare them for writing effective and sustainable projects for the next Call for Proposals. Each training module lasted two days in each of the following rayonal centers Cimișlia, Căușeni, Cahul for Romanian speakers and in Taraclia for Russian speakers.

On the first day of the seminar, participants were familiarized with the specific Call for Proposals with funding from the National Fund for Regional Development, objectives, priorities, steps and rules of conduct, it has been reviewed the relevance of the project ideas proposed in accordance with the IInd priority - "Diversifying the economy and promote private sector development" of the South Regional Development Strategy 2010-2016. It was presented general information about the structure of the project concept notes and features for the first 3 compartments - purpose and objectives, regional impact and identifying beneficiaries.

On the second day of training continued the presentation of detailed information on the project concept note compartments: the methodology of implementation, budget, products and results, multiple effects of the project partnership and cooperation in inter-regional projects, and each theoretical topic presented was accompanied with practical work on project ideas identified by the participants. Subsequent to the period of 10 days, participants have to present to the South Regional Development Agency (South RDA) developed Concept Notes based on accumulated knowledge, which will be analyzed by the South RDA experts together with Czech experts, after which they will develop a set of recommendations for their improvement.

The next and the last training module of the project will take place in April this year, themed "Development of complete applications for funding."

In May, eight representatives from each district of the SDR will undertake a study visit to the Czech Republic, in order to retrieve expertise in supporting private sector development.

The project will be completed in September 2015, with a conference to present the most successful projects of the private sector support, developed under the project "Capacity building of LPA of the Republic of Moldova, the South Region".