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Did you know there is an Olympic pool in Leova?

06.02.2015   1977 Views  

Leova District Council intends to rehabilitate the swimming pool of High school "C. Spătaru" in the town of Leova.

There is a swimming pool in the High school "C. Spătaru" in Leova that was built between 1985 - 1987, it has the size of 25x11m, a depth of 4 m and a volume of 1000 m3 water. Inside the school there are built two swimming pools (for adults and children) and two tracks jumping from height, the latter being of 9m.

From 1987-1991 were held swimming hours as training programs, training in sports sections, competition between cities and districts from the republic and paid services for the district population. Heating pool water was provided from the central town boiler and after the town central boiler house ceasing it's activity, there was no other possibility to deliver hot water, as a result the operations as a sports object were ceased.

Given the fact that the swimming pool allowed to organize and conduct training and sports competitions of the district, regional, republican and international level, it can be given the status of regional object. For this reason, local authorities have launched for a long time, the intention of rehabilitation the swimming pool, but until now failed the attempt in identifying any source of finance. This initiative takes current project while promoting energy efficiency in buildings high schools "C. Spătaru "and " L. Tolstoy "in Leova.

In the working meeting from January 29, 2015, one of the conditions set by experts for energy efficiency project, in order for the project to get to viable concept project, was the need for rehabilitation of the swimming pool. Experts explained that, if the swimming pool will remain in its current state, the energy efficiency measures will not bring the expected results.

As an alternative source of financing the project, Leova Rayonal Council (RC) will initiate requests to the Ministry of Youth and Sports of RM in allocating resources for rehabilitation of the given object.

Leova RC could participate with this project in the next Call for Proposals, organized by the South Regional Development Agency, and if they pass through all the assessment steps successfully, and it will be included in the Single ProgrammDocument, they may get funding for pool rehabilitation from the National Fund for Regional Development.