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Major problems in Taraclia, how we solve it?

31.01.2015   1528 Views  

A working session in Taraclia, in order to clarify issues appeared during the implementation of the project "Improving road L654 through overhaul (Taraclia)".

In Taraclia was held a working meeting in which the RDA specialists, Taraclia Rayon Council (RC), technical manager, contractor and project supervisor discussed the obstacles encountered in order to continue the construction works on the project "Improving road L654 through overhaul (Taraclia) ".

The meeting concluded that in 2014 were made earthworks from the picket 15.1 to 7.0 km in sum of 7,000,800 lei, as well were finished works of stripping vegetation cover for the whole section of road of the picket 15.1 - 2,1km. In the execution process of the works was exhausted the soil pit loan for road construction. In the exploitation process, it was found that at a depth of 2.5 m down is a layer of loam over wet which does not meet the requirements stipulated in the technical design and may not be used for road embankment ,the total  amount required for completion of works is 68 850 m3 of clay.

The beneficiary has identified a new location for clay excavation on a surface of 2 hectares, near Corten village, Taraclia rayon, land allocated for soil extraction through local council decision.

It follows that the beneficiary (Taraclia RC) will ensure to take soil samples and send them for laboratory analysis, and after getting the results, Taraclia RC will hold a meeting with the participation of the decentralized services of rayon Taraclia on examining the possibility of soil excavation borrow pit of Corten village.

If accepted by the decentralized services of soil excavation pit soil loan, the design company will develop conceptual design of land recultivation presenting estimate of expenses for recultivation work. Recipient (CR Taraclia) will provide expertise to the project by the State Service for Verification and Expertise in Construction Projects (SSVEPC).

RDA South will continue to monitor the achievement of agreed activities.