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Over 50 million lei for Leova district

30.01.2015   889 Views  

Leova / January 28, 2015 / A working session held in order  to plan the activities for the upcoming years in the pilot project "Development of the Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) sector in Leova district".

Today in Leova was held a working session in which South RDA specialists, GIZ consultants, Chairman of the Leova District Council, Director Apa- Canal Leova, mayors of  Leova and Iargara towns, have discussed the responsibilities of actors involved in the development of Water Supply and sanitation (WSS)sector  in Leova district.


During the meeting, were presented and examined a set of documents needed for the project implementation, named the draft versions of the Logframe Matrix, Operational Plan for implementation of the pilot project, the Memorandum of Understanding, Risk Identification Matrix, which may occur during project implementation. These documents were presented and discussed with all major actors involved, from the hosts were received proposals that will certainly improve the documents and later on, the project itself.

It follows for Leova to examine more detailed the documents presented, and if there are any additional proposals, the GIZ consultants will make the necessary adjustments.

The WSS sector development pilot project in Leova, has a specific- content framework similar to other projects implemented by the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) in Moldova, which include five main components, the so-called Pentagon. This mechanism consists of the following steps:

·         integrated planning and programming at local level;

·         improved cooperation between local governments (LPA);

·         invest  in optimization the infrastructure for local public services;

·         LPA and service providers’ capacity building;

·         mobilization and awareness of the population.

In the component related to optimization of the infrastructure for local public services, there will be construction work on the project “masterly aqueduct Leova-Iargara ", in which the German government has approved investments of over 50 million lei. This is the largest project with funding from the German government in Moldova.