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Leova is discussing about Energy Efficiency

29.01.2015   1727 Views  

January 29,2015 / Leova / In Leova was held a working session in order to clarify some issues encountered in in the process of drafting the energy efficiency project of the high school "L. Tolstoy / C. Spătaru ".

 The event was attended by representatives of Ministry of Regional Development and Construction(MRDC), Ministry of Education, Leova Rayon Council and the Town Hall, the school authorities, GIZ experts and specialists of the South RDA.

In the beginning of the meeting, Dorin Andros, Head of Department for Policy and Regional Cooperation in the frame of MRDC said that "today's meeting is the result of a hard work carried out during 2014, starting with the approval of the Regional Sectorial Program on Energy Efficiency by the South Regional Development Council, and we hope that all the activities we have proposed in this district will perform as we want. "


During the meeting was reviewed the Energy Efficiency sector (EE), discussed the progress in drafting the project of the high school "L. Tolstoy / C. Spătaru ",challenges of the institution's management system and prospects for the use of the swimming pool which is located inside the school.

The GIZ experts have proposed the collection and disposal of storm water to the urban system of rainwater, as well were presented technical aspects of the intervention that focuses on thermo- physics rehabilitation of the building envelope in the following sequence: roof, exterior walls and basement.

In this context, the swimming pool is a potential thermal bridge that would compromise the thermal isolation works of the building. It follows that in the near future, local government representatives are to confirm commitment for the future to repair and use the swimming pool.