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Joint efforts to develop the strategy for socio-economic development for the District of Leova

20.06.2014   1423 Views  


Leova/June 20, 2014

Workshop on the Development Of Water Supply and Sanitation for the Strategy of Socio-Economic Development took place in the District of Leova.

At the event were representatives from LPA I and II, Î.M. Apa Canal ", Igor Malai, Deputy Head of the General -Directorate of Regional Development, in the framework of MRDC, experts and consultants for the GIZ, and specialists from South RDA.

Opening the workshop, MRDC representative, Mr. Igor Malai declared, "The Development Strategy of Socio-Economic Leova region is necessary and urgent. Ministry of Regional Development and Construction along with GIZ experts, offers full support for this strategy to be developed. The feasible, the methods and mechanisms must be developed jointly with the district LPAs to realize the provisions of this chapter pertaining to Water Supply and Sewerage. This agenda must be real, attainable and achievable. Agenda activities should be intensified, and we are gathered according to a planned schedule which we systematically developed for the WSS sector".

Workshop participants met in working groups in which they practiced on the development of SWOT analysis and identifiers. They were being guided in this process by the South Regional Development Agency Specialists.

Also, the workshop participants were familiar with the purpose and stages for elaboration of the Socio-Economic Development Strategy, as well as the objectives with national and regional sector of Water Supply and Sanitation.

At the end of the activity, results were presented about the Group's activities. They identified changes in the WSS sector, established actions to be undertaken, so that the District Leova SDSE will be compiled by September of this year.