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The First Working Group for private sector support Met in the South Region

26.05.2014   1503 Views  

Cahul, 23 May 2014/the first meeting of the Regional Working Group (RWG) on support for the private sector

Ministry of Regional Development and Construction and the German Agency International Development (GIZ), through the implementation of the project Modernization of Local Public Services proposed support for the representatives of the private sector, through the implementation of sub-component "Complementary Support To The Private Sector". Thus, within the Cahul branch of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the first meeting of the regional working group took place.

At the beginning of the event, the Director of the South RDA, Ms. Maria Culeșov indicated that "because the private sector support is one of the priorities of regional development, we are willing to provide the necessary support and advice to all economic operators in the region concerned. It is appropriate and it welcomes this initiative, especially since it will liquidate some gaps relating to procurement procedures. "

MRDC's representative and a member of the national working group, Mr. Dorin Andros, said that "the acceleration of the European Union will normalize all aspects and adjustments will be made, in particular, public procurement with the EU".

The sub-component "complementary support to the private sector" was described succinctly during the meeting and presented the composition of the regional working group's location, regulation and plan of activity.

Issues were debated related to the composition of the regional working group, the date and place of future meetings.

Volker Stötzer, long-term expert in the company SEQUA (EASTERN COMMITTEE of GERMAN ECONOMY), showed his willingness to implement the experience of Germany on the basis of the actual situation in the Republic of Moldova, organizing information and training seminars, with the participation of experts in the field.

In the second half of the day, a round table with the participation of entrepreneurs from the south development region was held. In its work, the South RDA Director presented the regional development policy of the country and the region, along with regional development projects conducted in the South.

At the same time, entrepreneurs present were interested in the opportunity to participate in the procurement activities across the region, as well as issues related to the regulation of public procurement procedures. After several debates, entrepreneurs proposed to amend the legislation on public procurement, which would increase transparency in the process, as well as train the level I LPAs in public procurement procedure.

The next meeting of the regional working group will work on the sub-component "complementary Support to the Private Sector". It will be held in September, according to the regulation of activity approved, which states that meetings will be held quarterly.