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In 2013, South RDA had a fruitful and positive activity

26.12.2013   1336 Views  

The end of the year is a time for all members of the South RDC to meet. Today, 26 December 2013, is this year's last ordinary meeting. The 28 members present at the meeting evaluated the activity of South ADR and also approved the agency's activity plan for 2014.

ADR Director, Maria Culeșov, came up with a presentation-summary of achievements made during the year 2013. Present at the event, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction Liviu Oboroc declared: "reviewing, the RDA South had a fruitful and positive activity, successfully implementing projects with regional and local impact.  Both the South RDA team and the South Regional Council made efforts and relied on cooperation in 2014. Development to strengthen the South RDC team was achieved through the meeting 2 months ago at Costești; this is demonstrated by the turnout today. Therefore, we opt to develop regional cooperation in the future. For 2014 we propose the elaboration of a new strategy, which would not only correspond to our aspirations of European integration, but also to focus on elaborating on the 2020 strategy for the South Region. In 2014, we aim to launch a new development- region in Gagauzia, and in the first half of 2014, we intend to change a law on regional development, such as the NFRD to be one cumulative. Thank you for your responsiveness and presence, may you have peace, light and warmth in your families at this end of the year."

Members of the South RDC came up with proposals for complementing the appeal forwarded to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, at the meeting of 23 October, 2013 and the unanimous vote which approved the action plan of the South RDA for 2014. The President of the South Regional Development Council, Mrs. Efrosinia Grețu, had come up with a presentation on the projects approved for funding for the South Region in the NCRDC from the meeting of 20 December 2013.

Therefore, the last meeting of the South Regional Development Council was productive, which is why the President Grețu, thanked those present ... "the RDA team which was responsible and prone to collaboration and the Director of the RDA who strived for total effort by the South Development Region". For his part, the Director thanked the South RDA, for support, for efforts in the prosperity of the region, and wished them all good luck for the start of a new year. Thus, the meeting of the South RDC on 26 December 2013 was balanced, but also to make new goals for 2014.