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Energy efficiency activities in the third workshop

20.11.2013   1250 Views  

November 19, 2013/Cimișlia

The project "Modernization of Local Public Services, Area 2 Intervention" in regional planning and programing is supported by the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, and the RDA. The project starts the process of regional planning in the energy efficiency sector for the regions of the North, Central and South, through the implementation of the participatory principle. This process focuses on the training of the representatives in working groups, as well as other actors interested in specialized workshops to support decision-making that streamlines energy consumption for regional public buildings. Workshops are organized in three regions-North, Center and South and are meant to develop sectorial planning capacity at regional and local levels.

Thus, another workshop was held in the South RDA which had as its objective the presentation and approval of the regional plan in the field of energy efficiency for public buildings and a list of possible projects and concepts in the field of energy efficiency for public buildings. Also, this workshop discussed Regional outlines for energy efficiency in the buildings sector.

The workshop was attended by representatives of MRDC, LPA energy managers and engineers, experts in charge of domain GOPA, GIZ, experts of South RDA, members of the working group and relevant NGOs.

In the three training sessions, experts on GIZ, Sergiu Robu and Stela Corobceanu, gave presentations about planning district sectors, the need for regional profiles which will target EE in the South region and determined buildings that require renovations and energy profiles in each part of the district. They submitted their list of possible projects and concepts, proposed criteria to identify possible project concepts and proposals for rehabilitation in the South region, reported on the economy of energy for the region, reported the required investment per region and listed the possible project concepts for the South Region.

In the end, every district voted on the list of possible project concepts, but only the districts, Cimislia, Cahul and Taraclia were recommended a review from the experts proposed public buildings because some buildings are already receiving funding from the energy efficiency Fund. They established the following actions, such as on 22 November 2013 energy profiles will be collected from the district with the changes proposed by the  experts from the South RDA and GIZ.