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Cimișlia District has a new road

28.10.2013   1561 Views  

The Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, the South Regional Development Agency with the Cimișlia District Council jointly organized the commissioning of the new road Codreni-Sagaidacul Nou. Present at the event were officials of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, the Chairman of the Cimislia District Council, Director of South ADR along with professionals and mayors of the South villages.


Those present appreciated the quality of execution and also the time in which this project has been completed. Thus, the Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction said "the entrepreneur showed responsibility and finished work-not in time but long in advance. This road was built in record time and is a good example for future road projects. So, as the local governments Cimislia become more active, the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction will give all the support necessary to realize future objectives. "

Selemet village mayor, Tatiana Badan sincerely thanked all those involved in the successful implementation of this project; "for decades we have looked forward to this project for the citizens of 13 municipalities. It truly is a regional project, it has regional impact, and entrepreneur's merits are visible in time and in quality".

"The construction of this road resolved problems of many people. We can say that the objective of "creating the conditions for social and economic development" were achieved by the collaboration of LPA I and LPA II, Ministry of Regional Development, the South RDA  for the and a very responsible contractor, "said Ms. Ioana Stoica, Mayor of Porumbrei.

The event culminated with a religious ceremony. It was conducted by a group of priests from the roads' beneficiary communities.

We reiterate that the access road Codreni-Sagaidacul was built from the National Regional Development Fund-89% in which 11% came from the Cimișlia District Council, the cost being $ 21 million. The project's goal was to improve access for passengers and goods to and from 13 villages in the districts of Basarabeasca and Cimislia.