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South Region-in the sight of journalists

27.10.2013   1512 Views  

According to the agreement of cooperation signed between the Independent Press Association and MRDC, in October 2013-February 2014, the IPA will undertake several activities to help journalists/media institutions and active bloggers, to better document the subjects about regional development, to consolidate knowledge and analysis capability through the communication and interaction with experts in the field and the recipients of regional development.

Thus, on 25 October 2013, a group of journalists made a visit to the regional development projects in the south region. Media representatives visited 5 projects implemented by RDA. The visit began at Căușeni sports complex. Journalists here knew the goals that are important to the region. The building was visited by 12 journalists and they were interested in fitting rooms, equipping, and other issues, but also on other issues. Mrs. Vera Ciuchitu, project manager, and the President of the Căușeni District Council, Ion Ciontoloi, informed visitors about interesting aspects of the project for journalists: from the status of the goal to the wages of the employees.

A tour through the South continued to the project "Renovation of the Access Road L510, village, Ștefan Vodă - Talmaza". As the works were in full swing here, journalists showed interest in the technological process in discussions with the entrepreneur, Mr. Marin Sîrbu, as well as technical officer, Mr. Andrei Rusnac.

Representatives of mass media visited the project Road to the House-Museum of "Alexei Mateevici" which was in the village of Zaim in the District of Căușeni. The project "Construction of the Access Road to the Museum Alexei Mateevici"" was finalized in summer and was presented with admiration and gratitude for those who had implemented the project. The Mayor of the village, Mr. Ion Veste, noted other details about the project, and also about the impact on the locality.

Later, journalists went over to 2 projects implemented in Cimișlia district. They visited the "Access Road Sagaidac-Porumbrei", where the works were in progress. It was noted that this project rehabilitates an access road to the national network of roads - the road M3. Finally, the Group of journalists witnessed the commissioning of access road Codreni-Sagaidacul-Nou. The inhabitants of 11 villages of Cimișlia and Basarabeasca have waited for more than 20 years for this project to be implemented. Here they discussed with officials from the MRDC, present at the event was Liviu Oboroc, Vice Minister of Regional Development and Construction,  and  Valerian Binzaru, Director of the Directorate-General for Regional Development.

The communication officer of South RDA is put at the disposal of journalists information about other projects under implementation, as well as data relating to the work of the South RDA.

Remember, that the API will consult and train communication specialists in the Three Regional Development Agencies (North, Centre and South) in the monitoring and analysis of journalistic materials selected on the topic of regional development, and will develop a set of recommendations for decision makers in the field in order to improve communication with the media.

The activities will be undertaken within the project "Integrated Efforts for Promoting Regional Development in the Media", financed by the International Cooperation Agency of Germany (GIZ) and selected as a result of an open competition grants for non-governmental organizations and networks of the media.