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RDC - aware of its responsibilities

24.10.2013   1126 Views  


The meeting of members of the South RDC occurred immediately after completion of the training workshop. Besides the activism manifested in the workshop, members of the South RDC proved to be involved in South RDC ordinary meeting of 23 October 2013.The opening word was by Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction, Liviu Oboroc. He indicated that "the presence of members at meetings for the RDC is important to complete the projects for regional development. The presence of vulnerabilities requires adjustments of regulations and legislation that will allow the RDC to become more functional. To be appreciated for their objectives we would welcome a statistic frequency of the RDC." In reference to the capacity-building workshops to members of the RDC, Liviu Oboroc said that, "with the initiative of the RDA taken in the South and other regions, we found an opportune time for us to meet in a free format and identify common problems across the region. To evaluate the effectiveness of these workshops, if they have positive echoes, we will continue the training cycles".

The meeting continued with a presentation given by the head of the project management of the South RDA, Eugen Lupașcu, on the projects of South RDA approved for financing, in 2013.


The Director of the Directorate-General of Regional Development, V. Binzaru presented the principles and criteria for the allocation of the national regional development Fund for 2014, approved during the meeting of 10 October 2013 NCRDC. This topic generated heated discussions, since members of the RDC, have listed a string of disadvantages of the South Region, explaining the need for bigger appropriations for this region.

Members of the RDC came up with the proposal to submit a request, to access all the funds, since the priorities of regional development shall extend to the economy, social areas, as well as cultural fields.

National expert, Stela Corobceanu, spoke about the planning process regional development.

The Institute's experts of IDIS "Viitorul "presented the "Guide on drawing up Development Strategies For Economic And Social Districts (DSES) ", which are to be discussed in every district, and the proposals and suggestions will be sent to the South RDA, and they will transmit it to the MRDC.

By unanimous vote, the project decisions were approved. Some of the topics discussed had already been answered by the South RDC workshop training.