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Waste management and water supply-intersectional policy and inter-ministerial solutions

30.09.2013   1257 Views  

Cimislia/ September 27/ at the district council premise / joint meeting organized for the South Development Region, for waste management and water supply and sanitation. The meeting was chaired by the Minister of Environment, Gheorghe Șalaru, who came to accentuate the need for cooperation between all stakeholders brought together in meeting, for the purpose of efficient management of waste, which poses a real threat, now and in the future.      

The meeting was attended by representatives from the LPA level I and II of the South Region, MRDC, Mr. Philipp Johanssen, country manager of the German Agency for International Development (GIZ), as part of the Modernization of Local Public Services (MLPS), and the representative from Czech Embassy. Gheorghe Șalaru noted that "the purpose of the meeting is to create a communication platform in order to resolve problems common to the whole company, for example, efficient management of waste. We still have a mission to analyze the proposed common strategies, but at the same time let us guide real needs". In his speech, Philipp Johannsen has described the meeting as "a trend to resolve problems not only in (the capital), but also in the entire territory of the country. Through our cooperation with the ADR on the basis of developed strategies which ensure projects that are durable investments".

"Regional development is a cross-sectorial policy based on three priorities; water supply, water sanitation and solid waste management. It takes help and collaboration to achieve these goals. The project Solid Waste Management provided platforms, construction, installation of bio-polygons and containers. Two polygons are under construction at Hîncești and Nisporeni. They meet the requirements of the control bodies and the needs of citizens to manage waste "... noted Valerian Binzaru, chief of the General Direction for Regional Development, in the framework of the MRDC.

It was emphasized that the role of regional development agencies (RDAs) is to achieve common objectives, by providing information, advice, support and implementation of regional development projects. Especially since RDA has experience in solid waste management projects, and has supported the establishment of the Waste Management Association in the South development region. Finally, the Director of the South RDA, Maria Culeșov came up with a call to synergize regional development projects with the environment, so as to increase the number of beneficiaries, as well as quality of life. Extensive examples demonstrated in earlier projects, as well as those included in the single program document 2013-2015, could be implemented in other funds. This Declaration was a call for cooperation and the establishment and achievement of common goals.