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Heavy rain in Cahul "washed" Salty Lake

30.08.2013   1575 Views  

Heavy rain in august 28, which caused much damage in Cahul, worsened the situation of the Salty Lake. On August 23 there was an inspection for the many objections of the project and then the rain caused even more trouble.

The result of heavy rains at Salt Lake has led to a deterioration of sand banks, which were destroyed by as much as 50%. As a result of heavy rains, the bottom of the Lake was filled with silt to a depth of about 50 cm, with a surface area of 4350 m2.

 The City Hall of Cahul along with the contractor will perform needs assessment of the work to be carried out in the wake of heavy rains and undertake to remedy of the damage caused by the heavy rainfall, but also will speed up the settlement of the problem on the discharge of storm water.

As a result of the visit, it was decided that the contractor will perform the additional work to be completed.