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NFRD will Fund 15 Projects for Regional Development in the Coming Years

16.08.2012   1930 Views  

CIMIȘLIA, August 15. Regular Meeting of the CRD South. The Ministry of Regional Development and Constructions, in conjunction with the Agency for Regional Development South, on Wednesday, August 15th, held an ordinary meeting of the Council for Regional Development, South. The purpose of the meeting was to summarize and report the review results of the second call for proposals and the completion of the 2012 semi-annual activity. Of the 32 members 25 were present and represented the majority required to approve the decisions made on the agenda.
The second call for proposals lasted about four months and ended in mid-July. In the course of a month, the submitted projects were evaluated by an administrative and by an expert commission. Their conclusions were the main reason for organizing the CRD meeting which, according to the regulations, has the right to
a final decision for the submitted projects.
The present at the meeting Deputy Minister for Regional Development, Veaceslav Guțuțui, spoke about the results of the first call for project proposals which were conducted in the first half of 2010. Mr. Guțuțui said: "There is a (registered) progress with the work completion of the projects 'Potable water for the communities along the Prut river' and 'The construction of sewerage systems, pumping stations and the reconstruction of the water supply system of the Ecaterinovca village' and we are about to complete the project implemented in Roșu with the help of our partners from GIZ Moldova. We will make every effort that the projects, currently being implemented in the region South to be completed by the end of 2012 and here I will intervene, asking the applicants to be more receptive and understanding."
The agenda of the meeting included a review of the progress report for the RDA South activities during the first half of 2012, hearing the report on the implementation of regional development projects, financed by the National Fund for Regional Development (NFRD) and GIZ for the period January to July 2012; presentation of the revised Regional Development Strategy South and the ROP South 2013-2015 concept.

The RDA South director, Maria Culeșov, spoke about the report on the evaluation of applications for financing submitted under the CPP framework and about the establishment of the list of projects for inclusion in the Regional Operational Plan (ROP) for 2013-2015. Mrs. Culeșov said, "It was a productive period, from both emotional and technical perspectives, with many questions and much unfinished work. We arrived at a point to arrange them all and choose the most successful ideas to get funding from NFRD. We received 56 conceptual projects at the first stage, 27 cases with complete application for funding at the second stage and before the committees conclusions for evaluation, today we propose for approval 15 projects for regional development which will be included in the Unique Program document."
The Regional Development Council voted unanimously the 2013-2015 DUP proposal which will include 15 new projects, all awaiting the next financing.

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